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Waste Oil Collection

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How To Collect Waste Oil For A Recycle


It is illegal in many countries to dispose of used motor oil and oil filters in the garbage. There is so much risk associated with such disposal in the environment. It is also wrong to burn the oil or landfill it into a drain.  For the people who change the oils in their motor vehicles, then a lesson on how to recycle the used oil and oil filters is good knowledge. This recycling process is very good when it comes to taking care of the environment and also it is easy to learn. People ought to learn on how to recycle used oil to become more useful.


To do this, a number of steps need to be followed. The waste cooking oil collection pouring from the car will need to be collected. Use a wide opened shallow pan to collect it and especially a disposable aluminum baking pan is highly recommended. The pan will be used to drain the car oil into it.


If you leak any lubricant onto your working area, do not pipe down the region to wash it up. On top of the oil spill, spill an spongy substance like sawdust or any litters found in the auto mobile. Ensure that you have a bag  soaked like a leak proof bag for reusing. The soaked material should be well protected with a leak proof bag which will be used during the recycling.


After this process then put the recycled oil from the pan into a plastic thing. Find a tight closed container with a lid which will be able to keep the collected oil safely. Ensure that you use a pipe to fill the container so as to diminish the spills that can happen during the transfer. Remember not to top up any other waste fluids to the oils. Once the waste cooking oil collection is contaminated with dirt, it is impossible for it to be recycled as therefore it is very hazardous to the environment.


Once you remove your old oil filter, then bag it carefully in a leak proof bag with a tight seal. The large zip-top bags can also be used as the sealed bags. Then store the oil and the oil sieve correctly until you are able to reuse them. Be sure to store them away from the sunlight. Ensure you make plans on taking them to the recycling center as soon as possible. You can also learn more about waste oil collection by checking out the post at


Call any recycling center near you to see if they do accept the oil. You will find that many lube stations are able to recycle the oil for you. As long as you have stored the oil in a leak proof bag or container, you should be able to have no problem handing them to the recycling center. While driving with the oil in the car, ensure you store it in the trunk during the drive.


Two gallons of recycled oil can be able to give enough power to sustain a household for a whole day so do not underestimate the power of recycling.